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Disappointed, Discouraged, and/or Depressed?

  • Look Upward:

    • Pour your heart out to God.adventure-aircraft-colorful-2376268.jpg

      • Yes, it is okay to complain, berate, weep, and protest to God
        • about your feelings and circumstances;
        • if you doubt that just read the Book of Job;
        • he (God) can handle criticism, he wears very big shoes.
    • Praise him, by faith:

      • Praise is very good therapy!
      • Count your blessings.
      • I recommend it even when you are ‘not feeling it’!
  • Look Outward:

    • Find a good shoulder to cry on:

      • Your spouse, a close sibling, your BFF, and
      • A good counselor.
    • Reach out for the occasional emotional relief

      two women taking photo
      Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com
      • ‘cookie’ or ice cream, music, or good movie
      • (use with caution and sparingly)
      • (this is only a temporary relief)
      • (I most definitely don’t recommend alcohol or any other type of ‘Drug’)
        • AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Look Forward:

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Mountain Top!

The place

  • where one feels closer to God/heaven
    • than the troubles and problems
      • of the world,
  • of peace and tranquility,

    photo of man sitting on a cave
    Photo by Marius Venter on Pexels.com
  • where time stands still,
  • where joy unspeakable exists!

How do we get there in prayer?

  • Renounce evil.
  • Push past
    • the mental/intellectual distractions
      • Is the stove off?
      • Did I respond to that email?
        • If so, can it be misconstrued, how?
      • Did I pay that bill?
      • If only my team did not make that play
        • we could have won that championship!
      • What did my spouse/child/sibling/co-worker mean/do when ….?
      • That dress was not right for the wedding reception!
      • The latest political controversy!
      • My elbow is itching,
        • is that an infection?
  • Push past,
    • The ‘Time-Keeper’ Stage
      • How much time has passed
        • since I started praying?
      • ‘Has it been 5, 10, 20 minutes already?’
      • ‘How much longer can I keep this up?’
    • ‘Gimme gimme’ stage
      • ‘Lord, bless ….’
      • ‘Lord, I really need this money/job…’
      • ‘Lord, if only you would heal…’
      • ‘Lord, please help…’
    • “this is ‘fun’, stage”
      • I love this prayer song
      • I am having fun singing this worship song
      • This is a one man concert
      • This feels good
  • Push past,
    • The problem solving stage
      • Issues appear more clearly to the mind while praying.
        • Problem 1
          • This is the main issue
          • This is the solution
        • Problem 2
          • This is the key problem
          • I can resolve it by doing ‘a’, ‘b’, and ‘c’.
      • This is useful
        • I got to get to it, right now!
        • Stop the prayer, be practical, take the next step!

Now you are at the top what do you do!

  • Praise!  Praise! Praise!
  • Holy, Holy, Holy!
  • Worthy, are you Lord!
  • May your will Be done!
  • Let Your Kingdom come!
  • Be glorified!
  • Pure Praise! Pure Worship!
  • Mountain Top Worship!
  • Peace, Joy in the Lord!
  • Time stands still!

But you got to go back down

  • from the Mountain top to the earth
  • to live among people, and
  • let the Glory shine through you!

Positive or Negative – Your Choice!

It is your choice either to

  • Count
    • your blessings or
  • dwell
    • on your misfortunes.
  • What kind of people are more likely to be
    • successful,
    • happier,
    • motivated,
    • healthier;
    • to have more friends?
      • Those who count
        • their blessings
        • not their woes;
        • their opportunities
        • not their obstacles.

Philippians 4.4

  • Rejoice….
    • Always…
      • Rejoice!!

Your Choice!!

An Aside:

  • Thirty-six years ago
    • “Three” “Six” Yes!
    • It rained
      • hard!!!
      • On our wedding day.
  • Now?
    • The memory only brings
      • smiles and
      • pleasure
        • to my mind.
    • I remember
      • (with pleasure)
      • the red muddy waters
        • rushing along
        • as I lifted and carried
          • my bride
            • over the ‘troubled’ waters!!
  • Thirty-six years ago,
    • yes, “Three-Six”  years!
    • The car
      • that took me and my bride
        • and the wedding party
        • home
      • would not start,
        • on our wedding day!
    • Groom and best-men
      • wearing wedding suits
        • (‘tuxedos’)
      • got out and pushed
        • the wedding car
          • with the bride inside
          • to get it started!
        • (It is another way to ‘jump-start’
          • a stick shift
          • without another car).
    • Then:
      woman in white wedding gown near orange car
      • (It was past 1.00 am in the morning).
      • “What a nightmare!”
      • What shame on my part!
        • The groom’s part!
      • “Oh Why me?”
    • Now!?
      • Only smiles and
      • pleasure
        • for the experience
          • of treasured memories!!

It’s all about

  • perspective and Choice,
  • what you focus on!
    • Choose
      • the Positive,
      • the Bright side,
        • trust me,
        • trust God!!