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I am an assistant Professor of Economics and a Minister of the Gospel. I am married with 4 grown children, I live in the Greenville, South Carolina, area of the US. God has called me to start a ministry in South Carolina, 'Reach Ministries' Int'l. This is my passion: To promote personal success at life to all I come in contact with: how to win at life itself is more than just about money, wealth, fame, and power (although these would be nice for anyone to have)! With or without these, you can still achieve personal goals, enjoy meaningful, lasting, fulfilling and positive relationships, and experience 'freedom' over the outcomes in your life. Some of these are internal to you (your gifts, your faith, the choices you make, the way you think, the way your feel); others are external - taking full advantage of the opportunities in your family, community, and those that your country affords you: education and training, sound financial planning and investing, and engagement in the lives of others. The Three Pillars are: "Reach for God - He is reaching out to you in love!" (how you can know God through Jesus Christ, how you can experience the peace, joy, fulfillment, hope, intimacy, and miraculous answers to prayer in your walk with God). "Reach for your Goals" (You can do it); we teach, counsel, guide, and encourage you to reach your personal, career, and financial goals; "Reach out to others (to give and to receive); we are created for relationship; you can be blessed and you can be a blessing to others. We teach you how to have successful family, community and citizenship relationships. I am also interested in Economic Development, Political Economy, Music, and Tennis. I'd like give back to Africa, to do more travel, and teach about the intersection of Faith, Economics and Politics; I play (amateur) acoustic guitar.

Opportunities Everywhere!

  • You: “Lack of Self-Esteem”
    • (“Who am I?”)
    • God: “Not you;
      • Me: Who AM I? 
      • I AM is with You”
  • You: “What do I know?”
    • (“What is your name”)
    • God: “Not ‘what,’ but
      • WHO you know:
        • the ‘I AM’
  • You:  “I am not a leader”
    • (“They will not believe me”)
    • God:  “What is that in your hand?”
      • “At my word
        • see what I can do with it
          • through you!”
  • You: “I don’t have the skills”
    • (“I can’t speak in public!”)
    • God:
      man in blue dress shirt and blue jeans and orange backpack standing on mountain cliff looking at town under blue sky and white clouds
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      • “I made the mouth,”
      • here is Aaron for you”
  • You:  “I can’t do it”
    • (“Please, send someone else, Not me!”)
    • God: “You are out of excuses, this is just plain disobedience now”

Sounds familiar?

  • Moses (Exodus 3-4)
    • humbled the gods of Egypt,
    • gave the ten commandments,
    • led at least 1.5 million people out of Egypt, and
    • walked through the red sea
      • on dry land
    • He led a nation for 40 years
      • in the desert!!
      • Suppressed a rebellion in the ranks,
      •  meeting needs,
      • administering justice,
      • administering disaster/food relief,
      • writing laws, and
      • fighting foreign armies

The key:

  • “What is that in your hand?”
    • A staff,
    • A dry stick,
    • Good only for leaning upon, OR
    • The symbol of DIVINE authority
      • There is a ‘staff’ in your hand
      • right next to you!
      • available to you:
        • time
        • health
        • talent and abilities
        • family resources
        • free information
        • friends, associates, co-workers, bosses, church, pastor, club, professor, classmates, neighbor etc. etc.
        • community resources


At the Mercy of Extremists!

I had another dream, not too long after my first one

  • (please see “Do Your Homework“).
    • This time, my family consisting of
    • my wife,
    • my teenage daughter,
    • my 8-year old son,
    • and me.
  • We live in a house in a third world country
    • in an upstairs flat,
    • with an open floor plan
    • in my dream.

In my dream, the country

  • is in the tropics;
  • the windows and doors were mostly open,
  • we could see neighbors through our windows,
  • power supply was minimal,
  • there was no central air or heating.
  • we also hung our clothes out to dry
    • on the baloney of the house.

The society around me was overwhelmingly Muslim,

  • but not exclusively so.
  • I just know that as a Christian
    • I was among the small minority in the population.
  • The government was Muslim,
    • not overtly anti-minority, but also
    • not openly defending minority faith communities.
  • As a family we were known to be Christians,
    • but we kept our heads down and stayed out of trouble.
    • In my dream,
      • I don’t remember my occupation, but
      • I know I wanted to be
        • a witness to the population.
      • I was not a missionary in the strict sense of the word.

In my dream,

  • There was a young woman across the street.
    • There were rumors
      • that she was seeing multiple men
        • as her profession.
    • She kept to herself but,
      • these rumors had taken hold
        • in the community
        • whether true or not.
  • On this day,
    • in my dream
    • a mob of young men had come to her house.
      • They were banging on the door, insisting that it be opened.
    • There was violence in the air.
    • As we looked through our window and down onto the street level,
      • (we were on the second floor)
      • we sensed that the mob
    • to move back from the window;
    • to stay quiet, and
    • to not draw attention to ourselves.
  • We waited quietly
    • for what seemed like half an hour.
      • It was noisy and rowdy outside.
    • Our house was quiet.
      • Listening!
  • We could not tell
    • whether they had seized the woman next door, or
    • what they had done to her.
  • Suddenly,
    • we had a knock at our door.
    • Someone was asking to be let in!
  • Before we knew it,
    • that person walked right into our ‘living room’.
    • (I had forgotten to lock the front door,
      • but that is normal in many third world countries and
      • we were trying to be hospitable and welcoming,
      • as part of our witness)
        • in my dream!!
  • The man who came in was about forty-five. He was
    • was well dressed
    • seemed reasonable,
    • well cultured,
    • educated,
    • but at the same time
      • part of the ‘extremist’ movement; but
      • appearing ‘above’ it
        • with his own agenda,
      • not fervent,
      • not a devotee
        • just convincing to the followers.
      • He was the leader of this group.
    • He walked right to up to the window
      • through which we had been looking down onto the street.
        • (They knew we were there all along,
        • they knew who we were, and
        • they knew we were different:
          • not one of them!
    • His ‘greeting’ to us was curt, dismissive, somewhat cold, non-committal!
      • He was not eager to make conversation.
      • This was not a friendly visit.
        • neither overtly threatening, nor peaceful.
          • It could go either way.
        • We were on a knife edge.
  • Then about six other young men of the mob burst through our door.
    • I did not see what they had in their hands, but
      • I imagined
        • that they had knives,
        • machetes, and
        • sticks.
      • I remember thinking,
        • “This is not good!”
  • My wife was at the kitchen
    • (we were all in the same ‘open floor plan’ space).
  • My daughter
    • was half-way between me and my wife, and
  • my eight year-old son
    • was playing on the floor,
    • behind the leader of the group,
      • but in a different line of sight,
      • kind of like a triangle,
        • between my wife, myself and the leader of the group.
  • My wife had a knife in her hand
    • which she was using to prepare food in the kitchen.

When the young men burst in, they shouted at their leader.

  • What were his instructions?
    • About us!
  • Where was this going?
  • I was ready to shout to my wife
    • to defend out daughter and
    • I could see that she was ready
      • to lay her life down
        • for her babies, and
      • yet nothing had been decided yet.
  • Where was this going ?

Then I woke up!

The dream was very clear.

And I thought,
“What is the lesson here?”

  1. Pray for missionaries who serve in hostile mission fields around the world.
  2. Pray for Christians in places where they are  minorities and may face danger.
  3. Pray for all innocent persons who are minorities facing a hostile majority.
  4. Mob mentality is very difficult, even impossible to
    1. predict, or to
    2. control or to be
    3. reasoned with.
  5. The Mob is often
    1. enabled
    2. led
    3. manipulated by
      1. the highly educated,
      2. the politician and
      3. the astute businessman
        1. for their own ends.
  6. A rampaging mob may turn on
    1. otherwise innocent bystanders,
    2. even those who think they are safe, and
    3. everyone and anyone
      1. who is not part of the mob.

Exodus 23:2 (NIV) “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.”





Positive or Negative – Your Choice!

It is your choice either to

  • Count
    • your blessings or
  • dwell
    • on your misfortunes.
  • What kind of people are more likely to be
    • successful,
    • happier,
    • motivated,
    • healthier;
    • to have more friends?
      • Those who count
        • their blessings
        • not their woes;
        • their opportunities
        • not their obstacles.

Philippians 4.4

  • Rejoice….
    • Always…
      • Rejoice!!

Your Choice!!

An Aside:

  • Thirty-six years ago
    • “Three” “Six” Yes!
    • It rained
      • hard!!!
      • On our wedding day.
  • Now?
    • The memory only brings
      • smiles and
      • pleasure
        • to my mind.
    • I remember
      • (with pleasure)
      • the red muddy waters
        • rushing along
        • as I lifted and carried
          • my bride
            • over the ‘troubled’ waters!!
  • Thirty-six years ago,
    • yes, “Three-Six”  years!
    • The car
      • that took me and my bride
        • and the wedding party
        • home
      • would not start,
        • on our wedding day!
    • Groom and best-men
      • wearing wedding suits
        • (‘tuxedos’)
      • got out and pushed
        • the wedding car
          • with the bride inside
          • to get it started!
        • (It is another way to ‘jump-start’
          • a stick shift
          • without another car).
    • Then:
      woman in white wedding gown near orange car
      • (It was past 1.00 am in the morning).
      • “What a nightmare!”
      • What shame on my part!
        • The groom’s part!
      • “Oh Why me?”
    • Now!?
      • Only smiles and
      • pleasure
        • for the experience
          • of treasured memories!!

It’s all about

  • perspective and Choice,
  • what you focus on!
    • Choose
      • the Positive,
      • the Bright side,
        • trust me,
        • trust God!!



Not Many

  • Thank God!

I wish I spent more

  • one-on-one time
    • with my children
      tilt shift lens photography of woman wearing red sweater and white skirt while holding a boy wearing white and black crew neck shirt and blue denim short
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      • when they were younger
    • making more memories
    • listening
      • not more money
  • Others?
    • I would have chosen
      • Less of me and
      • more of others

As you grow older

  • This is the kind of legacy that
    • seems more valuable
    • requires no money, wealth, or worldly success
    • has far reaching implications
    • can change the world.
  • The kind that gives the greatest pleasure
    • when the children and grandchildren
      • celebrate you
        • on your birthday.

Philippians 2.4

  • Let each of you look
    • not only to
      • his own interests, but also
    • to the interests of others.

Do Your Homework!!

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I had a dream early this week (last week of June 2019).

It is one of those dreams

which you remember vividly

as soon as you wake up,

every detail, every nuance

is very clear to your mind

almost as if you really lived the events

in real life.

In fact I think it was a message from the Lord and

I will like to share it with you.

In my dream,

I was in a third world country,

could be Sierra Leone, West Africa, or some other African Country.

And yet, it can also be in the United States, South Carolina, or Illinois,

places I have lived for significant periods of time;

(funny thing about dreams –they can fit in multiple locations at once).

In my dream

I was looking to buy a used car –

I was looking for a deal – because

I did not want to pay too much and yet

I wanted a very good car –

in fact a BMW.

I had this friend

(nameless in the dream, but

I had known him for quite a while

in the dream.

He had gained my trust.

It appeared that he was good at making the type of connections

I was seeking

to get me a very good car –

in the dream!

As a result,

I gave him a significant sum of money –

Over $10,000

in the dream.

Not too long after he called me to say he had found the perfect  car for me, and

I was excited!

I went over to his car shop

(he was a mechanic)  and

the first thing I noticed were a couple of arm chairs,

old wooden and reconditioned arm chairs classics.

Someone had taken what looked like a BMW logo decal and

pasted it on the front end of one of the arms

on each of these chairs.

I thought to myself,

“I hope nobody is trying to pass this off as a ‘bucket’ seat of a BMW car”

 “Hmm, this does not have anything to do with my car

But I followed my ‘friend’ into his shop.

A privately owned body shop

His shop was a bit away from any main road/street –

It was a non-franchise shop

not like Meineke, or Tuffy, or Firestone, or anything like that.

The floor was bare; grease and dirt had formed successive layers over time.

It was somewhat narrow, tall, and

there’re were parts of old cars

at different stages of being put back together.

The length of the shop

was about a semi-trailer and a half long,

                with hydraulic lifts, tool boxes etc.,

strewn all along the building, such that

there is no way to tell what is at the back of the building

when one enters the door at the front.

So my ‘friend’ takes me into his shop

but I do not see a car

            in the dream.

I am thinking:

“It must be at the back,

at the end of the building”

red coupe on flatbed trailer
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                in my dream.

Halfway through the building

all I can still see are scraps,

here and there, and then

the shell and/skeleton of a car, but

no shiny, new BMW

of my dreams!

Then, I see this old skeleton of a car!

There were

no panels,

no doors,

no floor carpets,

no rear-view mirror,

abandoned orange sedan
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no side view mirror

no parking, head, signal or brake lights;

no seats, and the steering wheel

was mostly metal

in my dream.

The color was rusted or corrupted away;

it was hard to tell

what color this frame of a car was, and

it was obviously very old.

It was the type of thing

one would find in a junk yard –

after it had been stripped away

by parts scavengers.

My ‘friend’ began to tell me

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about how this ‘skeleton’ was going to be,

a classic,

the envy of my friends,

the perfect car

of very high antique value

that I was longing for,

when he was finished with it.

I need not worry at all

in my dream.

The antique armchairs

at the front of the building,

were indeed the ‘pilot’ ‘bucket’ seats

for the car

in my dream!

In my dream,

I was aghast.

Shaken to my core.

van parked near mountain
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How can it be?

I was angry with him.

I sat him down, and began to tell him that

I was no longer interested in this project; that

I wanted my money back.

As I am speaking to him,

in the dream,

I am realizing that

he was not my friend, that

he was a scam artist, and that

I had a monumental task

to get my money back from him.

I am thinking

will I have to go to the police?

Is it going to be nasty?

Does he even have my money

to give back to me?

How did we get here?

Do your Homework!notes macbook study conference

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From my dream!

The dream remained fresh in my mind.

It seemed to me that the fact that

I remembered it so clearly,

could be taken as a message

(from God!)

to me, and

to others.

I thought,

I must pass the lessons

of my dream to others.

God gave me this dream

as a teaching moment

that I and others might learn from it.

So, what are the lessons?


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I like most people,

(I think) am ‘addicted to easy’.

The phrase is not original with me.

I first heard Pastor Tom Harding

of Alive Church, in Central, SC,

use it once as he described his own personal journey,

and I immediately identified with it.

Why did I want to have someone else

in my dream

do the leg work for me

to buy a good car?

With so many internet tools at our disposal

to search for stuff we want,

why ask someone

to do it for you,

when you can do it yourself?

Why did I not do enough of my own homework

about whether I can trust this person

with my hard earned money?

Why was I so quick

to part with my money to someone

who would in the end scam me?



white and tan english bulldog lying on black rug
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Why did I not want to wait

in my dream,

until I had saved enough money

to buy the quality car

that I really wanted?

Why am I asking someone to perform ‘magic’

for me

(i.e. do a miracle –

give   me the desire of my heart

with little cost/effort

on my part)

when I can work my own way

towards my own ‘miracle’?

Why did I go looking for a ‘miracle’

of a nice car at below market value


when a better opportunity might present itself

to me

if I was patient enough to wait for it?

Why did I not wait

until the perfect

and (better) opportunity

presented itself

to buy the car that I wanted?

Why do I have to have it now?



woman carrying baby at beach during sunset
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Too late!

After I woke up, and

going over the details of the dream,

I realized that in the dream,

I did not specify

the year,



timeframe that the car was to be purchased, and

the mileage of the car that I wanted.

I did not specify that

I did not want a rebuilding project

for a car,

nor what would be the exit arrangements

if I or my ‘friend’ were dissatisfied

at the performance of the agreement

we were entering into.

I just left it all up to my ‘friend’.

That is not to say

I had no true friends

in the dream

that I could trust for very important aspects

of my life.

It was just that ultimately,

I had allowed others to become responsible

on my behalf,

to make decisions

which were mine alone to make.



forgetfulness of the

self-centeredness, and yes,


of the human heart.

Most people would put their interest first over that of the others

If/when it comes to a choice

between those two –

including me –

alas if not all the time

I would say most times,

but for the grace of God!!



man in blue shirt siting on tree branch wearing safety harness holding ropes on left hand and chainsaw in right hand
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Prov. 10.4

“Lazy hands

make a man poor, but

diligent hands

bring wealth”


Prov. 16.32


a patient man

than a warrior,

a man who controls his temper

than one who takes a city”.



Prov. 22.3:

“A prudent man

sees danger and

takes refuge,

but the simple

keep going and

suffer for it.”


Dr. Ray

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Babylon is fallen!?

How White Evangelical America Has Contributed to the Demise of American Greatness

By Giving Uncritical Support to Donald Trump

My ‘Family’ Disappointment!

“Fallen, fallen is Babylon the Great!” the angels shouted

  • (twice, in the book of Revelation: 14.8 and 18.2) and now,
    • in the age of President Donald Trump,
      • there is every reason for followers of Christ in America to ask,
        • Has America’s greatness reached an inflection point such that
          • America can become the modern Babylon?
        • Is the Church, specifically the White American Evangelical Church contributing to this downfall?
        • What does the future hold?
        • Can the White Evangelical Church in America get out of this mess?
          • How?

No, I am not a White Evangelical Christian.
In fact

  • as you may know
  • I am
    • black,
    • an immigrant
      • from Africa.

But I think I can speak to my white evangelical brethren.

  • They are my ‘family.’
    • I received Jesus Christ under the ministry of
      • white evangelical Western missionaries to Africa
    • A North American Missionary personally baptized me,
      • as a teenager, by immersion in the ocean in W. Africa.
    • North American white evangelical Missionaries taught me how to
      • read, study, memorize, apply the scriptures,
        • to my life.
    • Four white evangelical western missionaries conducted my wedding.
    • I received most of my training,
      • both formal and Informal,
      • as a local pastor, denominational leader, and eventually
      • as national evangelical leader in Africa,
      • from white evangelical missionaries.
    • My Bible College was led by white American evangelical missionaries
    • My master’s Degree in Biblical Exegesis
      • was at a mostly all-white evangelical School.
    • The overwhelming majority of churches I attended when I visited the US
      • were white evangelical.
    • Christian music for me meant
      • (In the early years of the Christian Faith),
        • Evie Turnquist, Amy Grant, Michael Smith, New Creation Singers, Bill Gaither Band, 2nd Chapter of Acts,  etc.
      • Now, I still listen to
        • Brandon Heath, Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Chris Tomlin, Danny Gokey, Phillips, Craig and Dean, Matthew West,  etc.
      • I did also listen
        • to Andrae Crouch, DC Talk, Nicole C. Mullen, and a few African American stars, but my worship and entertainment came from mostly white Evangelical American Christian artists.
      • Radio for me was mostly white evangelical
        • mainly Moody Bible Radio, and K-Love, His Radio, and similar stations.
          • Popular programs were
            • ‘Unshackled’ from the Pacific Garden Mission,
            • ‘Adventures in Odyssey,’ and teachings from ‘Focus on the family.’
              • I raised my (African) Children on the principles of Dr. James Dobson’s – ‘Dare to Discipline,’ and ‘The Strong Willed Child.’
            • I admired, fellowshipped and collaborated in ministry with
              • western white evangelical Churches and non-denominational ministries such as
                • Youth For Christ ministry,
                • Youth with a Mission,
                • Scripture Union (UK),
                • Southern Baptist Convention etc. but
                • most notably the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
              • Apart from the western missionaries who trained me as a disciple of Christ,
                • I consider as pulpit inspiration for my ministry
                  • the preaching and Teaching of
                    • Billy Graham,
                    • Charles Swindol,
                    • Charles Stanley,
                    • David Jeremiah,
                    • Stephen Olford,
                    • John MacArthur,
                    • etc.
                  • The Biographies and some of the books I read were by
                    • W. Tozer (‘The Pursuit of God’)
                    • Andrew Murray
                    • Billy Graham (‘Peace with God,’ ‘Christianity Today Magazine’)
                    • Brother Andrew (‘God’s Smuggler’)
                    • S. Lewis (‘Mere Christianity,’ ‘The Screwtape Letters’)
                    • Chuck Colson’s (‘Born Again’).
                    • You get the idea.
                  • All of the above were consumed by me and many a disciple
                    • at the encouragement of
                      • white North American evangelical leaders and missionaries,
                    • sometimes on our knees in prayer,
                    • as one sought to serve God
                      • with purity, and dedication.

So I hope you believe me when I say that

  • the white American Evangelical church is ‘family.’

But in the age of Donald Trump,

  • I have become extremely disappointed
    • to see the white evangelical American church
      • loose its Biblical and prophetic focus, and
      • ignore the deep truths, and principles in the Bible
        • that they claim to hold dear
        • that is in the various iterations of their ‘Statements of Faith,’
      • turning its back on the very core truths
        • that their missionaries have taught
          • me and
          • many of their disciples overseas.

So why am I disappointed with my ‘family’ in the age of Donald Trump?

  • It is because if you look at
    • what the stalwarts of white evangelical missions and
    • Christian leadership have been teaching people like me:
      • The Bible is the final authority
        • on what God’s will for us
          • is while on earth
        • ‘Sola Scriptura’, ‘Sola Fide!’ (they cried),
          • seeing themselves in the footsteps of Martin Luther.
        • “Set your affections on things above not on earth!”
        • ‘Choose
          • the narrow road which leads to heaven
          • not the broad (‘popular’) road to destruction!’
            • See how Samuel kept his distance from Saul
              • when he (Saul) was no longer willing
                • to humble himself
                  • before God,
              • even though Samuel himself
                • installed Saul into office.
            • See how Nathan the prophet spoke to David and said of him
              • “thou art the man.”
              • ‘What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his own soul?’
                • ‘Nothing!’
                • They shouted and
                • preached and
                • strained and
                • insisted to us,
                  • their disciples!
                • ‘It is impossible to serve God and Money.’
              • ‘Do not be unequally yoked with evil, but
              • renounce evil in all of its forms.’
            • See how Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights to prepare for the ministry.
            • See how he resisted temptation
              • by quoting the scripture.
            • See how Jesus would not take the whole world.
              • that Satan ‘offered’ him,
                • in a moment of time,
              • in order to fulfill his calling.
            • “Speak up for the fatherless, the orphan, and outcasts of society, the alien”
            • See how Jesus himself fled political and religious persecution with his parents to Egypt
            • See how Jesus was gracious with the woman caught in adultery
            • See how Jesus at sat among and talked with prostitutes
            • See how Jesus went to stay with Zacchaeus, the ‘sinner’ and
              • see how Zacchaeus confirmed Jesus was right in his actions
                • when he demonstrated
                  • true repentance and
                  • willingness to make restitution
              • See how we raise funds to help the orphans in the slums of India, Haiti, Sudan, Africa, etc.
  • The fact is, I do not know anyone
    • who is prepared to make the case
      • that any of these values
        • apply to Donald Trump
          • as a person! 
  • And yet white American evangelicals appear to have embraced him
    • unquestioningly!

Thus most people in my position

  • will be disappointed
    • at how the white evangelical church in America
      • have seemingly and unquestioningly
      • given the appearance
        • that they have no biblical objections to
          • what Donald Trump has done
          • what Donald Trump has said and to
          • what Donald Trump continues to do and to say in short
          • the unbiblical values and principles that
            • Donald Trump’ character, history, and personality represents.
          • The evidence is seen in the statements
            • on Christian Talk Radio,
            • by Billy Graham Jnr.,
            • by Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jnr.,
            • on Moody Bible Radio talk shows
            • of Mike Huckabee,
            • by Pastor Jeffress, and
            • by many more evangelical leaders, along with
            • the deafening silence and seeming continuing support
              • (if the polls are to be believed)
              • among the rank and file white evangelical Christians.

My ‘family’ now seems to prefer

  • to embrace, justify, excuse, and defend a man
    • who has shown
      • no remorse
        • for sin and wickedness in his past life,
      • no change, and certainly
      • no repentance
        • for a life of deception,
        • injustice,
        • arrogance,
        • pride,
        • greed, and
        • rebellion against God,
        • bigotry, and
      • to accept without intellectual curiosity
        • only what pundits on ‘their side’ say
        • not what the Bible says,
      • to appear to have put access to power now
        • rather than focus on the rewards of eternity,
        • to be part of a ‘winning’ crowd
        • even if it is power wielded by one who led a life
          • suffused with lies,
          • vulgarity,
          • meanness,
          • unrighteousness,
          • serious ethical short comings if not
          • actual criminality,
          • division
        • to consider their earthly ‘rights’ supreme, and
        • to have them (their rights) fulfilled now,
          • seemingly insensitive to the pain of others,
        • to espouse or
        • to at least APPEAR to give their spiritual covering
          • to someone whose character is a textbook example of narcissism,
          • thereby effectively rejecting the ideal of the cross:
            • no greater love than
            • self-sacrifice
          • and perhaps in the process
            • subconsciously
            • embracing
              • self-centered success
                • as the new Christian ideal
                • a complete opposite of the cross and its message
          • in order to gain access to power and
            • to ‘winning’
              • in exchange for
                • their integrity,
                • fulfilling their prophetic and
                • missionary call
                  • to a lost world
                  • to pursue earthly wealth
                    • at all cost and
            • to gleefully and sometimes willfully
              • align themselves
                • with those who greedily seek
                • the greatest monetary benefit
                  • by manipulating the levers of power
                    • often at the expense of those
                      • without access to power
                    • to become hopelessly compromised by aligning themselves with a pathological liar
                      • even though the devil
                        • is the father of all liars
                      • even though the Bible says that
                        • all liars will be cast to hell
                      • even though we are not supposed to tell lies
                        • either to God,
                        • to ourselves and
                        • to others
                      • even though
                        • we are taught to
                          • rebuke and
                          • expose lies
                            • to others and
                            • by others
                      • even though we are told
                        • to have nothing to do with darkness
                        • to expose the deeds don in darkness

Now my ‘family’ prefers to

  • support someone who wants to hide
    • his past activities:
      • (his taxes)
      • (his contradictory statements)
    • in order to walk in ‘darkness’
      • to stall investigations
        • that may throw ‘light‘
          • on how ‘dark’ his past actions may have been
        • align themselves with
          • a bully, the aggressive,
          • the dog whistler,
          • the dominant class
          • the direct opposite of Jesus teaching
            • “Blessed are the poor in spirit”
            • “Blessed are those who mourn”
            • “Blessed are the meek”
            • “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness”
            • “Blessed are the merciful”
            • “Blessed are the pure in heart”
            • “Blessed are the peace makers”
          • one who emphasizes ‘Law and Order’ as if
            • that is different from the ‘Rule of Law’
            • which is based on the fact that
              • “all men are born equal”
              • which itself is a restatement of
                • the biblical truth
                  • that all men are created
                    • ‘in the image of God’ and
          • with one who subtly promotes the idea
            • that all those who look different
              • are also most likely to be ‘dangerous’ and
              • to not love America and
            • to give some cover to those who would take advantage of the weak
              • and promote hate,
              • the antithesis of Jesus teaching;
              • “love one another even as I have loved you”
            • to give cover to those who would exploit
              • the poor,
              • the alien, and
              • the orphan
                • in direct contrast
                • to God’s clear and
                • overwhelming teaching
                • in both old and new testament
                  • Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others
  • This is a disappointment because they
    • (the white evangelical church) should be
      • the conscience of society
      • the “light of the world”
      • the healing hand of Jesus
      • the prophetic voice
        • against injustice and wickedness
        • that cannot be silenced,
      • the prophetic witness to the world that
        • righteousness, justice, mercy, and evil
          • are real.
    • Instead the focus is more
      • on churches, meetings, and fellowships
      • on wonderful ‘spiritual’ truths,
      • on ‘family friendly’ truths,
      • on ‘uplifting’ and ‘positive’ truths,
      • on method and strategies of how to get to become
        • ‘mega’ churches,
      • on how to achieve increasing ‘quality of life,’
      • on treating
        • Church attenders and believers
          • more as customers
            • whose needs are to be met
              • so they will ‘buy-in’ to what the church sells
                • by shaping the gospel to fit the culture
                • meaning to give them
                • what they want and
                • going where the culture is going
              • than as disciples of
                • the ‘ugly,’ “rugged,” and
                • inconvenient message
                • of the cross that
                  • ‘makes the comfortable restless’ and
                  • welcomes, comforts, and offers peace
                  • to the outcast.
                • ignoring the elephant in the room:
                  • A national leadership
                  • that is morally corrupt, and
                  • a threat to the very ideals,
                    • derived from Judeo Christian values
                      • that they
                      • (the white evangelical American Christians)
                      • told us, have made this country great.

My disappointment may be difficult to understand, but for people like me,

  • white north American evangelical missionaries were ‘gods.’

When white north American missionaries came to Africa, and

  • exposed us to the white evangelical church in the West,
    • they came with
      • medicines to heal our many tropical diseases
      • food aid to feed ourselves and our poor
      • improved ways to maintain our health and live longer
      • new style of buildings
      • new ways of managing our organizations
      • ‘superior’ logic to our superstitions
      • ‘superior’ knowledge about health, food, politics, nature, technology etc.
      • many other ‘wonderful’ quality of life improvements
      • lots of money
      • we did not even begin to imagine possessing and
        • above all
      • the true gospel to take us all to heaven!

So they were ‘gods’ to many of us.

  • We received improved material sustenance,
  • were taught ‘right and wrong,’ and
  • were given the ‘keys’ to life beyond the grave!

As ‘gods!’

  • they also shaped our very lives
    • into their own image, or
    • in hindsight now,
    • in their own ‘imagination.’
  • They helped us
    • chose our mates
    • raise our children
    • towards the ‘right’ careers.
  • They opened doors
    • to many an African disciple
    • to better jobs and
    • education in the West
  • They also critiqued our culture and our societies.
    • “The Judeo-Christian values system,”
      • they said
      • “is fundamental
        • to understanding the greatness of America”
      • We were backward
        • because of tribalism –
          • “if what the tribe wants is always ‘right’,”
            • they said,
            • “it is wrong.”
          • We were too “community or tribe oriented”
            • instead of individual oriented
              • which is the right way.
            • We were too attached to unfounded fears
              • instead of facts.
              • That was ‘superstition’.
            • We were too afraid of change.
            • Our countries would be better if we
              • practiced and
              • cherished democracy, and
              • if we respected
                • democratic institutions and especially
                • the separation of powers.
              • Corruption is among the things
                • that is a huge drag on our economies
              • The leaders we have
                • are a reflection of the people
                  • who vote them into office,
                  • who allow them to stay in office
                  • (i.e. they represent who we are).
                • We as ‘backward’ societies
                  • were afraid to speak truth to power.
                • Dictatorship was wrong.
                • Dictatorship makes our countries
                  • backward,
                  • undeveloped, and
                • The things that occur in our countries
                  • will never happen in America .
                  • Dictatorship will never be allowed in America
                    • because a dictator’s power comes from the people
                      • who support him,
                      • who do his bidding,
                      • who defend him,
                      • who explain away his tendency
                        • to disregard
                          • the sanctity of human life
                        • to meanness, wickedness, callousness and
                        • the lack of basic human decency in his ways.
                      • In America, the people around political leaders
                        • will never let themselves be used
                          • by anyone
                            • who aspires to be
                              • a dictator!

And now in America, here we are in 2017,

  • we see these same things happening in America and
  • the white evangelical church
    • is either being silent, cheering, ‘spinning’ or pretending
      • ( ‘spinning’ is actually ‘deceiving,’
        • which is ‘lying’
          • which is a sin
            • in the Bible).
          • as if what we see with our own eyes
            • is really not happening, or
            • that it is not that important.

Is Babylon Fallen?!  What is going on?!