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Dr. Ray Attawia

I am excited that you are here at my blog.

I have served as minister for over thirty years (15 in West Africa, and 15 here in the US). I was trained in Biblical Exegesis (MA) and in economics (PhD).  I have been married for 36 years (June ’83) to the love of my life Pat.  We have four grown children, Afie, Akie (Angel), Ajie, and Amie.

God has called me to start a ministry here in South Carolina, Reach Ministries International.  The Three Pillars of the ministry are:

  1. “Reach for God – He is reaching out to you in love!” (we teach how you can know God through Jesus Christ, how you can experience the peace, joy, fulfillment, hope, intimacy, and miraculous answers to prayer in your walk with God).
  2. Reach for your Goals – You can do it” (we teach, counsel, guide, and encourage you to reach your personal, career, and financial goals)
  3. “Reach out to others – to bless and to be blessed” (God has made us for relationship; you can be blessed and you can be a blessing to others. We teach you how to have successful relationships in family and in community living).

I am excited to share my experiences and insights about the Christian walk with you.  I want to answer the questions that you have that no one wants to talk about concerning faith, the economy, and politics. I will like to inspire you to travel, and to take short term missions trips especially to the third world, because ultimately, I believe it makes you a better Christian witness and citizen of the US.

I Urge you to

  • Reach Upward (towards God)
  • Reach Forward (to your Goals) and
  • Reach Outward (to Others)

Thank You for stopping by

Dr. Ray!




We are Designed by God to Reach out to Him and to Others; To Reach Out for Love and Towards our Dreams!

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